For anyone involved in construction or excavation, you’ll be aware that obtaining or replacing any piece of heavy equipment, such as bulldozers or excavators, can be an expensive endeavour. Therefore, it’s important to know your financial options to help protect your business from any unnecessary expenditure.

What are the benefits of equipment finance?
Whilst you may have the cash on hand to be able to afford a new piece of machinery outright, it may be detrimental to your cash flow. Utility bills, rent, suppliers and salaries all need to be paid, or else there could be devastating consequences for your business. By taking out a loan, and breaking the cost of the equipment into manageable instalments, you can help alleviate any cash flow stress.

Equipment loan options:

  • Chattel mortgages – Suitable for equipment and cars.
  • Hire purchase – Suitable for heavy equipment, cars, IT and computers, etc.
  • Finance lease – Suitable for cars, trucks, buses, etc.
  • Short-term funding – Suitable to help grow your business or assist with cash flow.

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